Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Two funny posts in a row?

Ever had to look for a church? Check out this King of the Hill clip (you will need broadband).

My blogging usually takes me to American blogs. I'm still fascinated by American (mostly US) evangelical culture, and the changes in Reformed evangelical culture in particular. There are loads of cultural debates ongoing. Check out this blog by a student at Westminster Theological Seminary to follow them from one perspective.

Check out this funny post, too, about emerging church. I wish I could be emergent, but I'm too poor (I don't have a laptop), and too dull (I'm very uncreative).


Anonymous said...

Dave, how do you normally spell Quaker? CG

David Shedden said...


Dorothy said...

Re: being 'emergent' - I think you under estimate yourself... and I can't be sure that you don't have a tattoo!

Anonymous said...

No Dave it definately begins with a Q.