Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A busy week for Shed!

It's all happening for me at the moment. (This, of course, is relative - I've got the easiest life in Glasgow, so a little busy-ness is a good thing.)

Looks like I've managed to sell my car - I got the price I expected to get - but still feel I've thrown pounds and pounds away. But, I really needed the car this year. So thanks to all those who helped me buy it, and keep it on the road.

Out this evening to help at a youth group in Ruchazie Parish Church. Tomorrow, after sealing the deal and handing over the car, I meet up with my next placement supervisor. I've got to do a ten week summer placement in a church in Langside.

But, my biz this week really involves trying to prepare for a visit to Skye. Thursday morning sees me catching an earlier coach to Portree. I'm preaching in Staffin over a communion weekend, with Thursday and Friday evening services too, I think. My plan is to look at selected passages from 1 John - and finish off with a thanksgiving sermon based on Ps 100.

The picture is from my own private collection - a view of Staffin bay, with a thing called The Table in the foreground.


Stephen said...

I knew it was Skye as soon as I saw the picture. But I'm not jealous. No, no, not me ... much.

Every blessing this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, I'm not jealous... much too! Some people get all the good gigs! However it was good of you to at least add the photograph for all us city dwellers -"Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand? or meted out the heavens in a span? Or comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure? Or the mountains in a scale?-the hills in a balance? Awesome photograph, awesome verses! God Bless You this weekend Dave!

raqia said...

My comment above went all anonymous on me-and why? when my username means 'sky' without the 'e' how bizarre lol ! Guess that's what comes by being jealous !

David Shedden said...

Folks, I didn't expect such an outpouring from this post. I thought it was pretty dull - I just wanted to keep up the momentum of itothehills. Any requests for future posts - how about, My trip to the supermarket...?! Actually, there is a story there, but perhaps not for the moment.

raqia said...

The opportunity for you to preach the word of God should never be considered dull-keeping the blog going... vaguely important-keeping the faith and preaching the word-priceless LOL

David Shedden said...

Raqia - I have to confess I'm no scholar, only just learned about the meaning of your username from your first post? Do you have a blog, a webpresence? Or do you cover the web like a canopy covering the young earth!?