Friday, May 12, 2006


Yes, today I’ve crossed a significant milestone. It’s official. I am no longer young.

Things I should have done by now:

Wife and kids.
One day of significant hard work - real work, the kind that leaves you tired at night, and the kind that leaves you with a sense of achievement.
Some ironing.
Mount Everest.
Fill in a tax return.
Fulfil my potential.

Things I still want to do, even though I’m 30:

Play lead guitar in my own band - rock and roll!
Grow my hair long - rock and roll!
Be really good at something - golf or football or astronomy.
Fulfil my potential.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but how about :

Growing up in Ayrshire
Speaking at Burns Suppers in Dublin
Effortless success in a finance career
Effortless sacrifice in giving it all up for theology
A life given over to the glory of God
The love and admiration of friends across the world
And Princeton-bound!

Let's face it - no-one deserves to be 30 more than you.


Dorothy said...

He's right whoever he is (the one with the frilly ruff I suspect?)

What about:

This blog
Your total lack of tunnel vision
Having an honest and enquiring mind
Your ability to make people think outside the box
Your rather suspect music taste
Drinking coffee with strange women

Never underestimate yourself - plently other people will do that on your behalf..Ironing, Everest and Tax Returns over rated anyway -the other things may yet happen!!

Anonymous said...

Don't give me such a ruff time!

Dorothy said...

Sorry! Secretly I love the photo. (Have you seen Dave's by the way - suspect he's lying about his age...)

Simon Spencer said...

Shedden, what's with the emotional self-flagellation?

As the song says:

"I beg your pardon,
He never promised you a rose garden.
Along with the sunshine,
There's gotta be a little rain sometimes."

Lighten up!

Boris Borofski said...

You sound as if you have a classic case of male menopause. Try wearing some fashionable clothes and acquiring a gilfriend born last decade!

Donald Fleming said...

David, I can feel your pain. But you have to realise that you are a unique and irreplacable human being created in the image of God. Therefore, just existing is an achievement of epic proportions.

Also, you obviously need to read a good self-help book. I can thoroughly recommend 'Inadequacy for Beginners' - I've read it three times!

Daniel Warlock said...

Thirty? A bit young for a mid-life crisis, I would think.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you have nothing to be 30 about!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I still wanna be Paul Simenon from the Clash (especially that uber-cool photo of him on the cover of London Calling).... and Dave, you could still end up leading your own rock band, but let's face it! there ain't many churches yet ready for the leader of their praise group to start smashin up the equipment during the doxology!!

H.C. Ross said...

Hey Dave,

Chris Ross here from the Conventicle. Just wanted to let you know I intend on responding to the intelligent comment you left on Tweeddale's post a week or two ago (on neglect of the Puritans). I've been busy with stuff. I'm sure you can understand.

Hey -- I'm 34 now, and next month I'll be 35! Bellyache all you want, it won't change a thing. They say grief is healthy, to a point. Wave goodbye to youth, and remember all the good times you had. I remember turning 30 myself, and feeling the world turn its collective gaze of interest away from me, relegating me forever to the 'adult/out-of-touch' bin of the universe.

But hey -- your experience might be a tad more cheery! (Eh-hem: don't expect things to get better; you hit the high 'cool' watermark several years ago).


Dorothy said...

Ignore him...the best is yet to come - age is irrelevant, its attitude that counts...

raqia said...

I totally agree with Dorothy! Best is yet to come!!I thought you were at least thirty Dave! Get drinking the oil of Olay !! or is that the oil of Gladness?

Dorothy said...

Hey Dave - I think a new set of friends is in order, this lot (Ruff man excepted) are not very complementary (although one of them agreed with me - thank you Raqia - which is a first)

Diane Dillenger (Relational Counsellor and agony aunt) said...

Dear Desperately Seeking Dave,

You are not a failure. OK, you have failed to realise your ultimate ambition: to be a singing/dancing kissogram boy. But try to get this in perspective

In the meantime:

Forget ironing: this is for women.

Forget playing lead guitar in your own band: this is for adolescents.

Forget climbing Mount Everest: this is for fantasists.

Forget pursuing unobtainable goals: this is for irrational optimists.

On the positive side use what you have of your multi-faceted person- ality to maximise the quality of your life.

For instance, next summer you will return to this country a Princeton man. Exploit this to its fullest.

An academic wearing a corduroy jacket with leather armpatches, sporting a beard and smoking a pipe is a magnet for female PhD students.

Never forget that you are Dave Shedden. So, endeavour to be him. Intellectual heavyweights can be cool as well!

Anonymous said...

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