Saturday, May 27, 2006

Germany 2006

I'm just back from a trip to Derbyshire to visit old friends. At first, I thought all the St George's car flags were preparation for the World Cup fever that will grip England until, well, let's say June 30. But, apparently, English nationalism is actually growing, and my friend told me that English flags and paraphernalia are becoming a common place of everyday life south of the border.

Still, come on Trinidad and Tobago!

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dorothy said...

Dave 'Scotland for 2010' Shedden - you are officially sad!! (Or at least certifiable..)

Have also been South of border (still here in fact) and have spent last few days steering husband not too successfully away from England "stuff"! He has managed a Tee Shirt, a bull dog called Eddie (stuffed fortunately) wearing a tee shirt, a set of small flags, one large flag (which he will not be allowed to display under any circumstances), a beer glass and five pairs of (wait for it) socks (yes SOCKS). On these grounds alone I agree with your friend about the flags and paraphernalia becoming common place - I had to physically drag him past a stall in Newcastle selling England underwear, much to the amusement of the stall holders...its ok for them they live in England... I on the other hand have to return to the West of Scotland with the only England supporter in my street and live through the excitments and the inevitable agonies of the beautiful game for the next month or so - I for one am praying for England's early exit from the cup (or maybe I will just leave home for my sanity's sake...I really should have listened to my mother and married a nice Edinburgh lad...)