Monday, May 22, 2006

3 point sermons

Abbreviated 3 point sermons I have preached or will preach from a pulpit near you soon!

CPRConfidence, Purpose, Realism. - a sermon using 1John1 – CPR is that procedure you can learn at first aid classes to save life, John’s message is about Jesus, the Saviour of the world - so, in my sermon I present a spiritual CPR for all who want to choose life, live life and hold out life to others. No prizes for guessing where I go with this – John’s confidence – a clear message; his purpose – fellowship and joy; his realism – sin and stuff. Here’s how my thinking went for this one. I had Confidence and Purpose down as themes for the first four verses. I was then thinking about Message – but it didn’t fit any abbreviation I knew – and it was already a sub-theme of John’s confidence. I started thinking about packaging - CPR came to mind, and I ‘realised’ I could use Realism to cover John’s discussion of sin. Nice work, I think.

PEWPut others first, Expose deeds of darkness, Worship the 3-in-1 God – a sermon using Eph 5:10-21. I thought this was nicely contextualised – the people were sitting on pews – hence PEW – easy to remember… my girlfriend at the time thought this was a sloppy day’s work on my part – but I was chuffed.

ABCAttitude, Battle, Curse – sermon on Genesis 4:1-16 – an ABC of Cain – this was the first sermon I preached during a placement on Skye last summer. No idea how I came up with this one – what’s the connection between ABC and Cain? But, there was some really interesting stuff in this sermon – I enjoyed preaching it, even though the subject matter was fairly bleak.

I don’t usually do three point sermons – but I’m beginning to realise that you really do need to package what you preach. The medium is the massage (sic), and all that.


C G said...


nice to see a touch of alliteration in 'sin and stuff' as well. More, man!

Sean Lucas said...

Hi, David:

In one of my past lives, we used to tease about these types of sermons. Among others you might use (you'll need to find appropriate texts to match):

Win 'em, wet 'em, work 'em (variation: reach 'em, teach 'em, fleece 'em)

Keep your hands off the gold, girls, and glory.

Hope that helps in your burgeoning homelitics endeavor ;-)

Best, Sean

C G said...

Shed, now the broadband revolution has hit Bridgeton, you could put up audios of you doing CPR!

dorothy said...

Not sure the world is quite ready for such articulate audio alliteration to eminate from the depths of Bridgeton...

(am confused by new picture - you look younger without the ruff or are you just moisturising?)

Anonymous said...

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