Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No such thing as bad publicity...

See Google? See me? See itothehills.blogspot? Whit a big mouth!

Funny how things out of context read very differently. Here's the original post, from March 25.

And here's another relevant post from April 10.

See also Evangelical (R)evolution in the Kirk?


Dorothy said...

See you and George - media stars both - today anyway...but you can't read his feature online without subscription to Scotsman Premium service!! How does it feel to be no1 blogger along with the "gadgetvicar"?

Must be your stardom beckons at 30...aren't you glad you didn't pursue the kissogram thing?

C G said...


Could the C of S be an emerging church?

Can't wait to have you around...


David Shedden said...

For the benefit of any doubt, the CofS could never be an emerging church. But, I suspect that most of the curent New Charge Development could fit the criteria of emerging church. And, let's face it, just about anything goes across the evangelical spectrum at the moment anyway.