Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Travelling to South Carolina...

'Nice accent.' A Newark airport worker likes what she hears. I'm not sure she'd heard of Princeton or Glasgow.

'That's cool.' A boy looks over New Jersey during take-off from Newark airport. The kid was right.

'Excuse me, are those designer frames?' In Atlanta, an airline employee compliments my style. Baffled and speechless, I take my glasses off, and let him find out the answer for himself.

'Hello, hello.' The flight attendant welcomes me aboard the plane to Savannah.

'You aren't from around here, are you?' One of the locals welcomes me to Beaufort, South Carolina.

'...his striking Scottish inflection.' Scott Dance, reporter on The Beaufort Gazette, breaks new ground in the science of diplomatic descriptions of foreigners.

Check out the Flash Box on my Bebo page for video footage of my trip. I hope to post some photos of the event itself soon.


Simon Varwell said...

Congratulations on the fame! Never heard of kirking of the tartans happening over here, though. Did they just make it up thinking it was Scottish!?

Simon Spencer said...

So your quest to be cool has at long last been realised in the USA. Congratulations! And this is only the beginning. Before you know it you will be having an encounter with Ursula Andress in a white bikini on a beach in Jamaica with 007 mood music in the background.

"The names Shedden," he says oosing a dark menacing machismo, "Dave Shedden."

Unfortunately, when you return to Glasgow you will probably revert to wimp mode. Sorry to be cruel!

C G said...

Go Shed,
knock 'em dead!
They like you lots
Cause you are Scots.

Jenny said...

what is bebo?