Saturday, October 07, 2006

New York

Okay, so, I'm in Princeton, New Jersey. I'm going about my business, and I get a call on my cell phone. It's Kieran Dodds, international man of mischief. He tells me he's on a tour of the States, drummin' up business, checkin' out opportunities to consolidate his growing domination of the photo-journalistic world.

He's staying in the City. He wants to meet - but he needs to see some big cheese first. I tell him I'll head to Penn station, and wait for his call.

We end up going for some food. Kieran is a pro, but chop sticks lend opportunity for him to show his fun side. At heart, he's a big kid in a big city. Luckily, we've got good company to guide us.

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Simon Spencer said...

Hi David, re the picture included in this post: it's nice to see Kieren and you back together again. However, I must say, since leaving for America you have changed!