Sunday, October 15, 2006


My first football game. Princeton Tigers v Brown - a college game. These pictures aren't great - but I was chuffed to catch video footage of the first touchdown on my camera - I just don't know how to post movie clip footage on blogger.

The first half was rather dull - I tried to read Mark Strom's Reframing Paul - but it was too cold.

Benjamin is one of my friends from the international students' orientation week. An up-and-coming German scholar, Benjamin is a doctoral research student looking at the influence of Karl Barth on Hans Urs von Balthasar. Benjamin is one of the few people here that understands the implications of the Jesus of history/Christ of Faith debate. The hours fly in at the Tap Room when we discuss ideas of revelation over some Samuel Adams lager - possibly the nicest American beer I've tried so far - the quality of the conversation is usually poor, at least the Protestant contribution!!


Simon Varwell said...

Your "first football game"??

You've gone native already, tut tut.

C G said...

Shed, cool! I think you might be taking work too seriously though.

Sheena said...

You might want to try putting your video clip on You Tube, then you should be able to post it easily.