Friday, October 27, 2006

The beginning of the end?

Here, here and here. This, in the same month that presbyteries across Scotland vote on the rights and wrongs of blessing civil partnerships. (You can follow the results here.) What is the Church of Scotland for? Why do you take the decision to settle out of court after a ten year battle?

I think, more than ever, that my continuing status as a candidate for ministry in the church is purely pragmatic. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to observe and uphold its administration and law. Whether or not they admit it, the majority of ministers must have similar thoughts and feelings. Or, perhaps I just think too much...

On the other hand, just read some of the comments in the Scotsman article - if you are in the Church of Scotland, weep for the shame that we bring to the name of Christ in all this.


Danny said...

I will weep just as much if gifted people turn away from their calling! (And the 'results' page on the FTG website hurts me much more than any of the comments in the Scotsman shameful is it to the name of Christ that we highlight our divisions this way?)

You don't think too much Dave but some of us are asked by God to stand between a rock and a hard place - maybe you are one of those people? I share all your concerns but they hurt my head not my 'heart'. My heart tells me that this Church is the place I should be (despite all my reservations about it...and as you know I have many). And if I have learned nothing else over the last three years, it is to do what my heart tells me...because God has changed my heart and my life... if he hadn't this post of yours wouldn't cause me to weep!!

C G said...


surely one problem is that no-one believes in The Church anymore.

Off to Calgary in about 12 hours ...

Great to get the updates. Will shout from the window if I fly overhead,


david strain said...

This really is a tragedy. I love the CofS. But I am glad not to belong to it anymore. I am praying for you guys who seek to remain faithful.

Re: Danny's post- and this may be a cheap shot and if so I really am sorry. But if heart trumping head means feelings trump the mind renewed through disciplined exposure to scripture then no wonder the Kirk is in such a mess.

I linked to this post on my blog by the way. I do weep for Scotland and for the now hobbled and compromised Kirk set up to reach it.

Cheers Shed. Keep going mate.

Danny said...

Yes it is a cheap shot, especially I never mentioned "feelings"...but will respond on your blog, instead of cluttering up Dave's...he gets enough of my ranting!!

C G said...


Tell us about blessing the tartan!