Monday, October 02, 2006

Funeral Songs

I found this story surprising. Is it only in the West of Scotland that Sinatra dominates the funeral song playlist? How else do we explain his absence from this particular survey?

If I was forced to choose a Sinatra song for my own funeral, I'd go with something just a little different. The one about Chicago being my kind of town, perhaps. Or maybe Come Fly With Me, or, the one about the tall tanned young lovely girl from Ipanema. Anything that avoids thinking about death.

How come we use pop songs all wrong? I hear James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' is really popular at weddings and stuff. That's really stupid when you think about it.

Or maybe it's not. Maybe the whole point is that we avoid thinking about meaning, because we've given up on any value or truth in our communications. The end is all that matters - if a piece of music evokes a mood, who cares about the words? Alternatively, if the words of a song are good, who cares if the tune has other associations - but that's another gripe of mine, for another post.


Danny said...

Any similarity between this post and my post of the day is in name only...or you have developed some limited telepathic ability... by the way have you any idea how annoying the word verification thingy on your blog is for people with aging eye sight?

simon spencer said...

When a believer in Christ dies, in terms of symbolism it can be likened to a caterpillar emerging from the confines of its cocoon and flying off to freedom.

So when God calls me to glory I reckon an upbeat song would be appropriate - 'Let's Dance', by Chris Montez.

The Shed's Sis! said...

Bro, i think 'come fly with me' is a totally wrong choice as it suggests to me that you would wish all those left behind to join you 'in the sky' after your death therefore possibly putting the thought of suicide into the bereaved peoples' heads! not good! have a rethink and let me know so i know your wishes as you should really die before me!!
as for the bluntster - you kno my thoughts on him. he should never be played in any situation!!