Saturday, October 07, 2006

Home comforts

A can of Irn-bru to the first Princeton Theological Seminary student who gets in touch with me through my blog. (I've no idea if anyone reads itothehills.)

I plan to auction the other two. Kieran Dodds showed me a shop in Greenwich, New York, that sold all things British - including Barr's finest fizzy pop.

Only thing is, ain't no sausage supper shops in Princeton. If anyone knows otherwise, two cans of Irn-bru to you.


Nick said...

Well, well, well. it appears i've followed your digital trail. can't say i've ever had Irn-bru, though i do look forward to it!

The Shed's Sis said...

Who's getting the guinness bro?? or ru keeping that all for yourself? Bets the bru doesnt taste the same without the sausage supper!!!