Friday, March 09, 2007

View from the top...

...of the Empire State Building. The picture was taken yesterday evening. I was reminded that I suffer from a form of acrophobia, which causes in me a sense of vertigo.

Vertigo or not, the sad reality is that I am coming to the end of my American adventure.


Simon Spencer said...

The Empire State Building contains 10 million bricks.

Danny said...

"Hello, hello
I'm at a place called Vertigo
It's everything I wish I didn't know
Except you give me something
I can feel, feel

The night is full of holes
These bullets rip the sky
Of ink with gold
They twinkle as the boys
Play rock and roll
They know that they can't dance
At least they know..."

In one of those bizarre coincidence things I was listening to this as I was reading your new posts...