Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flying Visit

In Scotland this week for a conference I need to attend. The theme is 'Power and Privilege'. One of the sessions is to be on race awareness, which is very interesting given my current placement at Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church. WSPC is a mostly black church, and is historically the black church in Princeton. I've learned a lot about my own attitudes over the last few months.
On the plane to Glasgow I skim read Five Views on Law and Gospel. Turns out I'm a Dispensational Modified Lutheran when it comes to the relation between law and gospel.
I did not expect to become more conservative and more fundamentalist after seven months in Princeton reading theology. Someone somewhere has a sense of humor or humour.


Simon said...

Hope you have a good time back in Scotland. Assume you're in the central belt - sorry to miss you, I'm back north on holiday. Safe travels and enjoy the conference and stuff.

Jenny said...

David - I was thinking about you today in Pastor as a Person...would have liked to talk with you about what you thought about our exercises today. Hope all is going well in Scotland!

CG said...

Are you really a dispensationalist? (I think the Progressive guys have something going for them...)