Tuesday, March 20, 2007


'golf course/cemetery combo'

I googled this phrase while reading a book for a review paper. I was trying to discover if there existed a golf course that also doubled as a cemetery.

This is my first ever unintentional Googlewhack, although, I did not have the patience to read up on whether my potential Googlewhack met the criteria. I suspect the '/' (would you call that a forward slash?) is against the rules.

Update: it's nothing like a real Googlewhack, which is made up of two words only. But I was surprised to see only one hit all the same.

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The Shed's Sis said...

Hav u never read Dave Gormans book on googlewhacking?, its amazing. he travelled the world depending on his googlewhack finds. nice attempt tho bro! loving the weather fotos!! see ya at weekend. Sis x