Friday, March 09, 2007

Kirk to run prisons?


I'm not sure we know how to run our nursing homes. And we struggle with our churches. Letting loose OAPs is one thing. Mismanaging Scotland's historic church buildings, not to mention its spiritual heritage, is another.

But losing control of a prison would be bad. We don't need to get involved. Let's keep visiting the people in our prisons. Let's support all who work in them. But let's not try and run them. Prisons are a bad idea, and, instead of touting for business, power and influence, we should be campaigning to close as many of them as possible.


Simon Spencer said...

Campaigning to close as many prisons as possible? Just what I would expect from a hand wringing, sandal wearing, Guardian reading liberal.

What would a judge do when an armed robber was found guilty - sentence him to ten years imprisonment, to be spent in the Shed's spare room?

Jonathan said...

Simon: That was my punishment - and I committed a crime far less severe!
I was released after one year for good behaviour though.

David: Yes, probably agree with you.

Joel said...

Hi David,

do you have a current email address for Roland McCallum? I got to know him while worshipping at St. George's Tron autumn 2000, and I'd love to get back in touch with Roland. Sandy MacDonald didn't have a current email for him. if you have his email, please sent it to me at jkepler [at] gmail [dot] com or leave it in a comment on my blog: thanks - joel swanson

cg said...

I think David is suggesting that we bring back cities of refuge, and let offenders out only when the Moderator changes. No?