Sunday, December 03, 2006

UN NYC 007

Went to NYC today to visit the UN Headquarters. It was a great visit indeed. Check out some photos by going to my Bebo page, linked in the My world section opposite.

Ended up going here for lunch:

This is what I had to eat: The place was linked to a famous movie.

And the picture below reminds me of another famous movie:

Of course, the picture is the chamber of the UN Security Council. Every time I see the chamber on TV, I think: Bond, James Bond. Being in the chamber really felt like being on the set of an old Bond film.

But there is a new Bond film! I went to see it this evening. With three gorgeous females. Here are my marks out of 10 for various aspects of the film:

Opening credit sequence/Casino Royale theme music: 5/10

First action sequence, chasing the bomber: 8.5/10

Airport sequence: 9/10

Daniel Craig: 9/10

Gadgets: 7.5/10

Cardiac arrest scene: Just too silly to rate. Would Bond fall for such a simple ruse in the first place? Even if he did, and even if you could do a self defib thing (with a little help from your beautiful side kick), how do you then go on to win a game of cards? I'd need a nap first - then I'd go back to the card game.

Baddie: 6/10

Females: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

I thought it was a great film. Lots of action, lots of nice unexpected bits, touchy feely stuff too, but a hard Bond under it all.

Conversation after the film was different from my usual 'new Bond' experience. Usually, I'd engage mates about where the film ranks in the overall Bond list, etc. This time, the conversation turned on blond hair, blue eyes, and well defined muscles.


Jenny said...

You really do like that pastrami and groper sandwich, don't you?

I could tell you were bored during the opening credit sequence. Did you not like the credits either, or was it just the song?

simon spencer said...

Film 2006 With David Shedden.

Boris Borofski said...

When your beard is fully grown you will be a front runner for the role of Bond villain in the next 007 movie.

Daniel Warlock said...

How did your female friends manage to focus on the fim when they were in the presence of a real action man!

The name's Shedden...Dave Shedden.

C G said...

Shed, is that 10/10 for 'females' a reflection on the Bondgirls or your company that night?

Danny said...

Great pics on the Bebo..."Theological hoddie in New York" I will put one on the candidate's notice board next to George's letter trying to persuade someone to take up the Peter Marshall next year... think the one applicant has withdrawn!!

Off to see Bond next weekend, not sure I can cope with a blond Bond ...he should be dark... will see if it lives up to your scoring though

Danny said...

or even "Theological Hoodie" ...yes its late here...