Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Occasionally I change the links published on I to the hills.

Mark Driscoll et al got dropped a while back for being too manly. I can't live up to all that male ego driven stuff.

Riddleblog was just becoming too negative. I don't remember reading a positive post about anyone outside of a peculiarly narrow set.

Behold, good news! CG has taken Riddleblog's place in my blogging world. Hail to the university teacher of English Lit!


Sheena said...

No lady blogs in your list then? ;0)

And yes, Driscoll does go on a bit about the whole 'dudely' thing to the point where one wonders if Jack Bauer would even be dudely enough.

David Shedden said...

There is one 'lady blog' on my list... it's undercover as a male blog.

Danny said...

Hah not any more thanks to you :) ...and I was never undercover, just a little ambigious!