Friday, December 22, 2006

No beard

I shaved my beard off Monday morning. Now that it's gone some people are suggesting that it suited me.

Before this, folks tended to react against it: for example, this fantastical comment "...the foulest thing I've seen all day."

To be fair that quote came my way a day or so after Burt Reynolds Day. I was wearing a moustache Fu Mancho style.

The beard may return in 2007.


Sheena said...

Can we see some before and after shots?

simon spencer said...

I think that the beard made you look like a movie star - Lon Chaney Jr, in the Wolfman.

Ian said...

Man, you gotta post some pics.
I wish I could grow a beard. What a jip.

Emily said...


Do you know how to get to the Newark airport? If so, is there any chance you could pick me up on Friday evening? If not, I don't mind the train.