Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I am now working! I'm three days into my placement as an assistant minister at Partick South Church, Glasgow. Looks like I'm going to be busy. Busyness does not explain my lack of blog posts over the last three weeks. I've had bother with my ISP, and Royal Mail decided I had 'gone away', so none of my snail mail was being delivered. Hoping to get into some kind of regular blogging routine again after this week.

Three rooms in my flat have been redecorated, so I'm in a really nice environment to do lots of reading, thinking, blogging. Initial thoughts on my first three days working include the stark divide between my studies over the last year or so, and the reality of trying to be a Christian pastor/worker/minister in a church in Glasgow. For example, all my idealized plans for changing how the Church of Scotland does funerals have been exploded. As a minister I'm not sure I've got the backbone to say to people, 'No, I'm not going to do your funeral because I've got better things to do.' But I still have a niggle that Christian ministers should have better things to do.

And, I've decided I need a car. Almost impossible to do the amount of visits I would like to do without one. Very few people I will contact over the next year or so will actually live close to the church building. So if you know anyone selling a car...

UPDATE - before anyone mentions it - yes, I know that Arnold Clark is selling a motor at the moment...

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