Tuesday, July 10, 2007


On returning to life in the East End of Glasgow.

Bridgeton now has a coffee shop. Sucre Coffee Shop only has about 6 seats, and it will have to compete with Greggs next door. But things really are changing if you can find flavoured lattes on Main St, Bridgeton.

My favourite barber shop, which was a mile west of Bridgeton Cross, has turned into a Chinese restaurant/take away.

At least two new barber shops have opened within two hundred yards of my flat.

You can still pick up tea time specials from Indian take aways for a fiver or so. If you are really hungry, large Munchy Boxes start from 7 pounds. A quality Munchy Box will cost you ten pounds, but there will usually be enough food for breakfast or lunch the next day.

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Jenny said...

Maybe your fave barber shop closed down this past year because you stopped frequenting it!