Saturday, November 25, 2006


Travelled to NYC early Thanksgiving Day (23rd Nov) for the 80th Macy Parade. The weather was wet, windy, cold. The parade lasted maybe two and a bit hours. But it was a genuine American experience - I was glad I made the effort to get up at 5am to make the journey. Highlights? Enjoyed some really good company (there were 5 of us). Saw Julie Andrews (the hills are alive with the sound of music), Miss USA 2006 (below) and Gloria Estefan (help, help, the rhythm is going to get me). Snoopy, Garfield, Big Bird, and Santa Claus all made appearances too.
Later in the day I spent time with friends over a Thanksgiving meal. Quite simply the best Thanksgiving meal I've ever enjoyed. The turkey was cooked to perfection, the cheesy mash was exquisite, the pie was delicious (it should have been, at least the one I bought - it was $15!). And the dinner party included several people who are becoming excellent friends.

Yesterday I went forest trail walking somewhere in New Jersey. I was told not to expect any wild life, apart from the odd black bear. I think my guide was joking - but she said they were very rare, and not as dangerous as grizzlies.

All in all, a great couple of days. Tomorrow I'm back to WGT Shedd on the atonement, Moltmann's The Coming of God, and I'll have to read some more Barth too.


Melinda said...

Great commentary on the day! Is the picture of you part of the video clip you took? It's not opening for me if it is. If it's not, you should definitely put it on here. :)

simon spencer said...

Well, you've certainly come a long way from eating from the reduced to clear section at Asda to Thanksgiving Day in America.

Incidentally, as a point of interest, is it possible for a Guardian reader to live the American dream without being sick?

Finally, lose the beard; you look like a terrorist.

Stacey said...

From afar, Snoopy looks a bit like a water tower.

Pauline said...

I like the beard Shed!...the all-American guy!