Thursday, November 30, 2006


Yes, I am growing a beard. This has nothing to do with Burt Reynolds. It has nothing to do with being careless, or lazy, or tired with keeping up appearances. I just reckon that if I can't grow a beard in America, where can I grow a beard, right?

After May 2007 I will enter a life which demands a perennial clean shaven, shirt, tie, slacks (or flannels!) and sports jacket look. It's now or never for the scruffy beard look. Folks here just love it.

Independently, two or three friends suggested the idea. One good friend offered me a seven point plan to growing a beard (he asked me not to publish it). I can simplify the plan without fear of breaking my promise: don't shave for at least two weeks, and then take stock. Another friend suggests four weeks is required.

I do not intend to publish any pictures. You will all have to act cute if you wish to see my progress. If I shave in the next two or three weeks, I promise to take a picture before and after. Whether or not I publish is another matter entirely.


Anonymous said...

Like you, I had a beard when I was in America for a year - tough I also dared to have a beard while I was in Scotland (a long time ago! - when my hair was as black as yours is now!)
I was speaking to your mother today, making plans for the service on Friday at Collins Court.
My Bible Readings - the full set (from Genesis to Revelation) are now online at three locations (that's where you also find my PhD work on Berkouwer) and
Best Wishes.

Danny said...

"Cute"(?) - please define acting cute so I know what to do to see photographs!!

ps... do I really have to wear a "sports jacket"... no one mentioned this at selection...

C G said...

Shed! Forget Barth etc. This is the kind of knowledge I really need. I mean, did any male in the Bible NOT have a beard?

Jenny said...

David, I was also wondering about the "cute" comment, but then figured I could just spy you out around campus.

Your beard is shaping up!

simon spencer said...

Re your question: "...if I can't grow a beard in America, where can I grow a beard...?"

In a madrasa, outside islamabad - Mullah Shedden!

Melinda said...

Can I be cute enough to see a picture?
Oh... and you can only use the word "reckon" if you're from the south! ;-)