Friday, November 10, 2006


I spent Tuesday night watching the results from the Midterm elections on CNN. It was fascinating.

And, I watched this clip live on The Daily Show election night special. Listen out for the line to end all politico-religious comedy lines 'We were this close to Jesus coming back.' (The Colbert Report is a spin off from The Daily Show.)

The thing is: it's all so close to the truth. In the context of seminary life, this is especially the case. Politics is so married to religion over here that you don't need to ask anyone whether they are Democratic or Republican. You just know by what church they go to, or don't go to.

On Wednesday afternoon I also happened to catch the President's press conference announcing Rumsfeld's resignation. Rumsfeld went to Princeton University - there's a picture of him as a student in one of the local pub-restaurants. I write 'pub-restaurants' because you don't find pure pubs in Princeton. Strange but true - if you go for a drink, you sometimes need to order food just to get a table just to get some beer.

If I ever settle in the US, I'd want to head west. Montana, I think, away from all the political madness of the East coast. Any thoughts on which US state I should aim for?

PS - I've actually started writing drafts for papers and stuff. I'm overwhelmed. My first efforts are concentrating on a paper looking at Shedd's philosophy of history, linking this to his traducianism, and his defence of the Confessional standards of the Presbyterian church in the 1890s.


Jenny said...

David - you are in America. It is "defense." :)

Anyway, you did not say why you're thinking of Montana. I have only driven through Montana, but I liked it. If you can handle having a lot of people around you, California is where it's at. I also like eastern Washington and was impressed with the north of Idaho when I drove through it.

PS: We have to take you to the Tiger's Tale, which is another pub (albeit not in walking distance) that is a little more heartier than Triumph. It also has karaoke on Saturday nights (I think). I think it would be awesome if we went for that and you showed us some Scottish Neil Diamond action!

Anonymous said...

In terms of intellectual and theological compatiblity you should aim for Disneyworld. Mickey Mouse would make a wonderful mentor!

simon spencer said...

It was I who published the Disneyworld post, but forgot to include my name - just in case you think that 'annonymous' is out to destroy your self-esteem!

C G said...

Montana is cool - lots of millennial groups retire to bunkers there ...

Noah said...

i'd shoot for Ohio.