Monday, September 25, 2006

Keller Belle and Sebastian

Thanks to lifetowardsgod I came across this blog and this post. The blog is written by the sons of Tim Keller, and the post is a short sermon he gave on 9/11, with some rather important people at the gathering.

Last night I was at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. TK was the preacher. I might post on the experience as a whole, but I'm not sure. Redeemer is something of a mega church, it is a city church, and one of its meeting places is an auditorium at Hunter College, NYC. What, with the Jazz style, the huge crowd, and the non-churchy location, this probably was church (singing, praying, preaching, offering), but not as I know it. It just felt different - more later, perhaps.

One thing struck me as I observed and pondered - this church is younger than I am, and it was born round about the time that I became a Christian. And many of the people at Redeemer last night probably knew nothing other than Redeemer Presbyterian Church as their model church. There's a thought - how culturally conditioned we are, even when it comes to the most important things in life.

Back at the Keller blog I noticed Belle and Sebastian on the music list. These guys are no strangers to itothehills. Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I flew to London on the same plane as B&S in June. It was funny because they were so un-rock and roll. I expected cigarettes and alcohol, but all I saw was tuna salad and mineral water. Each member of the band sat at a window seat, I hope they are still on speaking terms. Life on the road in the air must be tough at times.

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Dave Strain said...

Did you enjoy Redeemer? You didnt say. You sound ambivalent.

Interesting stuff on the Keller blog about developing an adult education curriculum for urban beleivers...

Hope Princeton goes well and your soul prospers (whatever that means!)