Saturday, September 23, 2006

International relations

A Scotsman and two men from Myanmar (M1 and M2) are walking home from a night out downtown Princeton.

The Scotsman asks M1, 'What hall are you in?'

M1 replies, 'I'm old, 37, 38.'

'No,' says the Scotsman, 'what hall are you in?'

'Ah,' says M1, 'Brown Hall.'

M2 joins the conversation: 'Are you hot or cold?'

M1 says, "What?'

M2 says again, 'Are you hot or cold? D asked if you were hot.'

These guys are not daft - they're just in a very different country, speaking a second or third language.

When in Myanmar one of them translates the Bible into one or two languages. He can tell you about the etymology of the word 'christ', and many other standard points of information that few Christians here really know or care about.

The other became the only Christian in his village when he decided to follow Jesus Christ. He had to leave the village. He'd never seen a wine bottle with a cork until this week.

And tonight both these men taught me some more about the meaning of life. Can any Christian really doubt that God works for good in all things?


C G said...

you're meeting some interesting people!

Danny said...

Dave, am seriously concerned about your latest interpretation of looking "young, cool and sorted" ...and I hear heavenly choirs singing a rousing rendition of "Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat..."

David Strain said...

You crack me up