Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The beginning

Took my first book from the library today. Shedd's Lectures upon the Philosophy of History, first published in 1856 I think, and based on lectures given by Shedd in winter 1853-4, as he taught church history at Andover Theological Seminary. The edition I'm about to read is dated 1861 - more interestingly, the volume was donated to the library by someone called President Paton... I'm guessing that this was Francis Patton, PTS president from 1902-1913.

I'll post a review and thoughts on this book at my Shed on Shedd blog in due course. It will be the foundation for my proposed dissertation on Shedd - I've ordered his Dogmatic Theology from Amazon.com - and I'll try and read most of his other major published writings, as well as lesser but no less interesting work, such as his contributions to the Confession debate in late 19thC Presbyterianism, and his Literary Essays. (Shedd taught literature before becoming a theologian - he edited an edition of the works of Coleridge.)

You can find my Amazon.com wish list here.

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Danny said...

Wow, scary wish list (mine has things like latest Ian Rankin and 7th season of ER - will have to rethink my intellectual priorities obviously...) But how can Barth be lowest priority? (What will Keith say!!) I will look forward to reading your reviews of all these books once your wishes have been fulfilled...