Monday, July 03, 2006

Never mind the beautiful game… what are the odds?

Overheard in a pub on Saturday night, just after the final whistle of the Brazil France game:

‘Ma holiday's paid!’

Until then I’d assumed the Partick support for France was some homage to the Auld Alliance.

A double on Portugal and France to go through must have been a nice little earner. Still, despite the controversy surrounding Rooney and Ronaldo, I think all the teams in the semis deserve their place. One of my mates has a suspicion that the Germans ‘managed to fix things and get the tournament, I reckon they can bribe their way to winning it too.’ This same friend predicted Le Guen’s move to Ibrox months before it was confirmed. I’m not so sure. Yes, Germany are favourites. But it would be fantastic if Zidane, Henry, Viera et al upset the odds. And, given their performance against an admittedly disappointing Brazil, who would bet against them?

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Jonathan said...

Italy will win the final. You can put your house on it...but I'm guessing even that wont pay for a holiday to Kenya.
How many McDonalds did you visit?