Sunday, July 30, 2006

God Unknown?

To say that God is incomprehensible does not mean that God is inconceivable. Rather we must affirm that, while God’s being and nature are beyond our full comprehension, outlines of his character and nature are not only possible but inescapable. We cannot avoid imagining or exploring these things. We have a sense of the divine because we ourselves exist in some form of relation to the divine. The concrete reality of God, as revealed in Jesus Christ, does not exclude this ‘natural’ knowledge of God. We might say that natural knowledge of God is redeemed and perfected in the revelation of Jesus Christ. The scandal of the gospel of Jesus Christ is not the knowledge of God that it contains, but the claims of God there proclaimed: God has reconciled all things to himself in Christ, and all must reckon with that declaration of divine authority, all must bow the knee.

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flowerstarkles said...

It is so amazing that the God of the universe wants us to know HIM!! What an awesome God we have and Saviour in Jesus Christ!