Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things I didn't know: No 13

The LA Dodgers baseball team used to be the Brooklyn Dodgers, not to be confused with the Brooklyn Dodgers football team. The Dodgers major league baseball franchise moved to LA in the 1950s.

I learned this yesterday evening while watching the New York Yankees destroy the Texas Rangers at Yankee stadium in Bronx, NY.

Jenny Smith also taught me the difference between home and away baseball jerseys. I think the idea is that the home team jersey is always white with stripes. That's something you need to know in the US.

Last night I might just have graduated as a potential resident alien in the US. I sang God Bless America with gusto, ate hot dogs, and almost bought a baseball cap and jersey.


Shanana said...

It differs in the various leagues. AL and NL have differing jersey practices. Usually, colour for home and grey for away (AL) or white white team name/logo on them (NL). Not usually stripes involved.

Your kindly service for the day!

Jenny said...

Stripes are a Yankees thing. Their uniforms are known about it, and I'm not sure that there is another team who has them.

In general, whether the American League (which the Yankees are in) or the National League (which the Dodgers are in), the rule is that the home team wears white and the away team wears grey, although I have noticed that some teams (I think the Mariners?) have pushed that a bit and will wear a dark color jersey with grey pants.

Also, I think a general rule is that the home team dugout is supposed to be on the third base side, but I noticed last night that the Yankees don't hold true to this rule and now I'm trying to recall where the dugouts were for the other teams I've seen. I think the Yankees have it incorrect.

You did sing with gusto! I was impressed and loved seeing you get into the spirit of baseball!! I have heard that Tracey loves to sing the national anthem with her right hand over her heart, but then to have her left hand behind her back with her fingers crossed. You, most definitely, seem to be exhibiting a greater dedication to becoming a resident alien.