Sunday, May 06, 2007

Children of Men

Watched this film for the first time today. Why all the fuss? All the reviews I read, and many of my friends, told me it was a great movie. I fail to understand the enthusiasm, can someone explain it to me?


Simon said...

The brilliant characterisation - especially the utterly flawed, and very British "hero" that Clive Owen portrayed.

The gripping, tense, storyline, and how you threw your energy in willing Kee to survive.

The brilliant direction and camera work - think of the single shots of the escape from the farm or the battle scene when Kee and baby are rescued.

The scarily realistic portrayal of a futuristic society that is so brutalistic but also so unmistakeably British.

The wonderful, unexpected drops of humour.

The stunning action sequences.

Michael Caine's acting.

I could go on and on! Maybe you've been stateside so long you can no longer appreciate a brilliant British film!

Sorry you didn't enjoy it. What did you make of it, exactly?

James said...

I saw it and though it was excellent - a portrayal (albeit extreme) of the way our godless 'culture of death' is going. I thought it had a lot to say on abortion and euthanasia.

With regard to abortion - it showed a world without children is a world without a future. The Western world is killing off its children at an astonishing rate (6.25 million abortions in the UK since 1967, we are having very few babies and for every four babies born, one is aborted) and as we so, we kill off our future.

And if there's no future hope (through children or, I suppse, the eschaton in our secular worldview), it's better to lay down and die. Hence why in CofM the government hands out suicide kits and gently encourages people to use them.

The days when the government encourages people to die rather than live are closer to fact than (science) fiction... it's already happening in Holland on a regular basis, and in the UK it's on the verge of happening. On May 12th the Joffe Bill is being presented to Parliament. If passed it will inevitably lead to euthanasia on demand.

Anyway I shall end the rant... Congratulations on finishing your ThM. What now for you?