Saturday, January 27, 2007


Spent first half day of January in Lancaster, Penn. Part of that included recovering from seeing The King in concert.

Handed in three papers, two of these were based on reading Shedd. You will find these papers posted soon over at Shed on Shedd.

Met Ben Myers in a coffee shop in Princeton.

Visited Gettysburg. Watched the movie on DVD too. Thought some more about issues around the Civil War.

Was in NYC two or three times.

Started thinking about post Princeton plans. I'd love to stay in the US, but I can't see it happening. However, I've been invited back to speak in October 2007 at a Kirkin' O' the Tartans.


Jenny said...

Was it two or was it three times?

Ben Myers said...

And it was really great to meet you in Princeton. Above all, I was delighted to hear that Princeton hasn't turned you into a Barthian!

CG said...

Shed, I knew it. Why would you ever want to come back here? We'll be praying that you get clear direction and be useful wherever the Lord leads you.

Danny said...

Welcome back...I have missed your blog (ok my life is sad...what can I say) By the way I am more selfishly directive in prayer than your esteemed friend above (CG not God) I'm praying that you do come back here, if you don't who will keep me sane at probation conferences...?