Saturday, January 06, 2007

Burns in Central Park

O, enviable, early days,
When dancing thoughtless pleasure's maze,
To care, to guilt unknown!
How ill exchang'd for riper times,
To feel the follies, or the crimes,
Of others, or my own!
Ye tiny elves that guiltless sport,
Like linnets in the bush,
Ye little know the ills ye court,
When manhood is your wish!
The losses, the crosses,
That active man engage;
The fears all, the tears all,
Of dim declining age!

Folks, I'm taking a blog holiday. i to the hills will return in February.


Simon Varwell said...

...and the blogosphere will be the worse for it! Have a grand January and don't work too hard.

C G said...

we're going to miss you

Ian said...

You gotta see the one near my apartment in Allan Gardens. C G gave it a thumbs up (in spite of the Highlander outfit). I'll post a pic of him on my blog.

Lana said...

Hi David,

Do you remember me, Lana, who was visiting Princeton in October and who ended up visiting your church and we talked about Int'l Christian College and Noll? That's me. I am trying to find your email address - which I don't think I have and I don't think is on your blog. I found something in the store that I think you will like and I wanted to send it to you. Email me with your address for packages(if you are not afraid of what a near stranger might want to send you.) :)
By the way I am coming to Princeton in the fall! You probably won't be there though, right?

Jenny said...

Your secret is out. Check out my blog entry (1/20/07) for details.