Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Other theological blogs

Here are my thoughts on some excellent theological blogs. The few blogs I discuss below are becoming my gateways of knowledge on most things theological, church historical, and ecclesiological.

Crawford Gribben’s blog (listed in my links across the page) is fun to read, and he has a link to a guy called Michael Haykin. Both Crawford and Michael are church historians - their sites contain provocative articles and posts on all manner of subjects from a Christian perspective.

Another blog majoring in historical theology is offered by Sean Lucas. Sean’s main interest is American Presbyterian history, but all the posts have implications for thoughtful Christians - perhaps not the stuff about baseball, football and all those other American games that no-one east of Manhattan really understands.

Michael Bird provides a blog which opens up vast New Testament resources. I discovered Ben Witherington’s fascinating blog through Michael's Euangelion blog.

Can anyone recommend good blogs where the writer has a major interest in either Systematic Theology or Old Testament?

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Sean Lucas said...

David: It depends on what kind of systematic theology you are interested in reading about. I regularly read a number of blogs from both high-church Reformed types and Anglicans as well as low-church baptists. Let me know and perhaps I can recommend something.

BTW--you ought to give baseball a try; it is not quite civilized, but it is a lot of fun!!

best, Sean Lucas