Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To Find The Minister In You

The opening paragraph to my proposed new book.

“Life as a Presbyterian pastor can be hard. Pressures come from all sides. There is no end to the responsibility. It can feel like being a manager in any ordinary organization. And you even have to pretend that you actually believe in infant baptism. But deep down inside another you longs to be released. Somewhere your real identity is hidden. You want to be a minister. But you can't find that person. One thing is needful. You need to release the real you in you … If that is your current mindset this book is for you.”

I need to find a publisher. I need to write the book. I suppose I would also need to be a Presbyterian pastor, too. But, I'm beginning to realise that writing has got nothing very much to do with reality. So maybe, just maybe, one day I'll finally make it into print... David Shedden. Author.

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Danny said...

I have reconsidered - I will be your publicist (or your 'muse') until such times as you can afford Max!!