Friday, October 22, 2010

Christian anarchy

"Worldly power is beguiling and attractive and in each generation its temptations need to be faced and resisted anew. The temptation is to seek power ostensibly in order to do good things. Yet the fallenness of the powers needs to be taken into account. Those who seek to bend the powers to their will eventually find themselves being bent. In this sense, Christians are 'anarchists'; they are suspicious of worldly power and do not believe that God's redeeming purposes are achieved by seeking to control the system of domination and use it for supposedly good ends. The goodness of the ends becomes lost in the manner of their achievement. In keeping with Jesus' mission, the church as church is to remain detached from partisan power struggles and to concern itself with truth rather than propaganda."

p241, Free Church, Free State by Nigel D. Wright. Paternoster Press 2005

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