Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home 2

I've been home in Scotland for one week, and I've been ill for most of that time. So I've done very little apart from sleep, browse blogs, visit friends and family. Is the West of Scotland really such an unhealthy place to live? Today is damp and cold, and I don't like it much. I've lived away from the Ayrshire and Glasgow areas twice in the last few years. Each time I have experienced tiredness and ill health on coming home - chronic sinus congestion, and all the associated ailments.

I move back into my flat in Glasgow this weekend. This will allow me to start getting back to normal. Everything over the next two weeks is geared to being ready to start work as a probationary assistant minister at Partick South Church of Scotland on 1st July. Basically I want to tidy and decorate the flat, make study and reading plans for the next 15 months, and rest some too. I put some weight on in America, so that's going to have to go. (I'm not worried about my weight as such, just the consequences of carrying too much fat, and the potential for heart problems ten or so years from now.)

Study plan will include reading through the works of Herman Bavinck, relearning NT Greek, and preparing for mission and church planting work. I read somewhere today that the best context for evangelism is the context of church planting. I'm pretty sure that the only Scottish churches that will survive the next three decades will be those that plant other churches, or at least have a heart for such work.


Simon said...

Good luck for settling back in David, and with the start of the probation. Hope you keep blogging about how it all goes!

Jenny said...

a.) I can't understand why you'd want to relearn NT greek.


b.) You gained weight in America? But you're a stick!