Friday, February 02, 2007

Country Roads

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong,
West Virginia, Mountain Momma,
Take me home, country roads.

People here don't believe me when I describe the West of Scotland's love of American country western music.

Denver, Diamond, et al.

Thing is, here, in Princeton at least, they don't dance on tables to Cracklin' Rosie and Sweet Caroline. And I've never heard the supped up version of Country Roads.

Oh, how I miss the Scottish country/western banter...


simon spencer said...

Talking of song lyrics:


Tutti Frutti - Little Richard 1956

The ultimate philosophical statement!

Danny said...

Love that song, have a thing for John Denver (which I normally keep quiet about).

Neil Diamond just brilliant... Love on the Rocks has the edge on Cracklin' Rosie and Sweet Caroline tho'

Melinda said...

That's really funny that Scots love John Denver.
My mom loves him. :-)

cg said...

but arguably, CW music is a form of Scottish folk music anyway, just transplanted to the new world.