Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer reading

Over the last couple of days I’ve been able to tidy my study a little. This has allowed me to plan for the next three months of work and reading. I’ll be doing three things: a church placement with a CofS minister in the south side of Glasgow; background reading in preparation for my year at Princeton Theological Seminary; and doing up my flat in Glasgow in the hope that someone will rent it while I’m away.

Here’s the list of books I hope to read:

Books to help me think about Christian ethics in a complicated world -
The Peaceable Kingdom – Stanley Hauerwas
Strange Virtues – Bernard Adeney

General theology and biblical theology stuff –
The Practice of Theology. A Reader – Gunton, et al
The Writings of the New Testament – LT Johnson
Five Views on Law and Gospel - Gundry

19thC American church history reading, perusals of the following in preparation for a dissertation –
Systematic Theology – Charles Hodge
Various writings of James McCosh, JH Thornwell, and RL Dabney
America’s God – Mark Noll, and his latest book on the Civil War if I can get it cheaply!

Before beginning all that I’ve decided to have some lunch and then get my haircut…


C G said...

at last - a new post! I've been checking every 30 mins since Tuesday ...

Danny said...

Time to get a life I suspect...

Dave what do you do for relaxation? Your blog scares me...going for a hair cut doesn't count as relaxation by the way